What our fabric is made from

The fabrics we work with are natural - sometimes hemp, mostly linen and cotton linen blends. We choose them for their longevity, sustainability, durability and handle.

Our fabric has been washed and scoured in its preparation for printing. It is flatbed screen-printed by hand in 20 metre lengths in regional NSW. 

Once it’s printed and heat set, we don’t apply any further finishes or treatments. However, stain release and fire retardant finishes can be applied as a separate process if requested. There are minimum quantities and additional costs for this service.

The base cloths may differ slightly in colour and weave depending on seasonal supply. Exact print and dye colour matching cannot be guaranteed from batch to batch, and our sample books may look a little different from current stock. 

Because we do everything by hand in small batches, sometimes there are minor flaws in the printing. These are tiny reminders of the work of Julie’s printer’s hands - they are part of the soul of ClothFabric. We love these flaws - they signify the uniqueness and human effort embedded in every length of our fabric.



How to clean ClothFabric

When you wash our fabric, expect some softening of the base cloth and some texturing of the printed areas. The weave will show more on the surface. The fabric is wearing in, developing its own patina. It is ageing gracefully and is all part of the process that we love so much.

We gently machine or hand wash our fabrics using a mild detergent in 30˚c or less, and that's what we recommend. 

It’s always best to line dry - better for the fabric and for the planet. If you need to tumble dry, make sure you do so on a cool, short cycle.

You can dry clean ClothFabric, if you prefer, but never bleach or spot clean. 

As with all natural fabrics, expect some shrinkage of around 4 - 6%.
There is some stretch too, so when you are washing loose covers, put them back on when they are almost-but-not-quite dry. That way, as they dry out completely, they fit snugly onto your cushions, just like a freshly washed pair of jeans.

Please remember to keep our fabrics out of direct sun.

If you don’t like creases, you can press on the reverse side with a very hot iron whilst the fabric is slightly damp.

We hope you love using ClothFabric as much as we love making it.

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