Twig of Conifer White #63 - midweight linen on the roll


Twig of Conifer Bright White is screen printed on 100% Eastern European linen midweight upholstery fabric, perfect for general upholstery and soft furnishings.

Fabric weight: 245gsm

Vertical repeat: 70cm

Pattern match: Full drop, selvedge match

Printed width: 135cm

Fabric width: 145cm

Fabric base colour: Raw, unbleached 

Print colour: Bright opaque white

Care: Read our full care instructions here.  

While we aim to ensure our print colours read true online, not every phone or computer screen will show them the same. If you feel uncertain about the colour, please email us to request a swatch.

For all fabric on the roll, the minimum order you can make online is one metre. Simply change the number in the drop-down menu to reflect the quantity you want.

If you are wanting under a metre, search for the fabric design in cut pieces. You could get lucky.

If you want to order less than a metre or more than three metres, contact us to place an order and we will invoice you.

All prices are inclusive of GST.

If you have any questions (including orders and enquiries from outside Australia) please send us an email

* As with all our designs, this one can be printed on a heavyweight base cloth for more robust upholstery jobs. There is a five-metre minimum. Email us for more information. 

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