ScrapCloth Bundle - CharcoalBlack

Another new batch of bundles just made!

A mixture of mid and heavyweight printed offcuts and scraps in tones of black charcoal white and grey. High contrast. Strong and graphic.

Every ScrapCloth bundle has been curated by Julie and her lovely assistant, Chrissie. They select combinations of patterns and colours that can be beautifully used to add some slow stitched love to an old curtain, mend a pair of jeans or bring some pattern and action to any unadorned garment.

Each bundle contains offcuts that, if sewn together, would generously cover an area 50cm sq. The bundles shown here are examples of the collection that you will receive. No two bundles are the same - it's a lucky dip where everyone is lucky.

To see more of how Julie and Chrissie work with the ScrapCloth bundles head to

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