GoodWord Patches - Sepia indigo ochre

The other day I unearthed a few pieces of a discontinued fabric that I called 'Words of Cloth.' It was a 2010 design made up of words that I used to describe my creative process. I've always found words to be important, and the good words I used on this old design hold true today as much as they did back then. 
I've cut the fabric up, and curated groups of words into packs of three for you to slow stitch onto your jeans or curtains or jackets, or whatever you like.

I love the idea that you'd choose a word for yourself and maybe give one or two away to friends to use in their projects. It's a nice way to connect to each other, doing something that slows you down.
Each pack has the three same words as shown in the image but the pack we send you might have a different base cloth or be printed in different colours to the one shown.
Spread the good words!

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