Stuffed Olives Beachy - linen cut piece 50cm x 150cm


Stuffed Olives is a great fabric for upholstery or artwork or cushions if you like a bit of contemporary art. The design composition is all about the negative space between the shapes as well as the shapes themselves.

Stuffed olives is basically a series of big imperfect circles printed twice across the width of the fabric with an opaque white coloured stick through the middle and a small satellite olive seaweedy colour pip placed almost randomly in amongst each  circle to give the placement some movement and irregularity. 

This cut piece is the depth of one large circle with two large circles placed centrally across the width.

Fabric weight: 270 gsm

Cut piece dimensions: 50cm x 150cm

Fabric colour: Unbleached oatmeal natural 

Print colour: Opaque white, surf blue green and seeweedy olive

Use: Light upholstery or artworks for the wall. This pieces is cut so that the four big circles are centred across the piece. 

Care: Can be washed, dry cleaned and treated with a stain repellant treatment. Printed area will wear in with use. 

 All cut pieces are one offs. Price is per piece is inclusive of GST. 


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