Workshops Galore


2012 seems to have been all been about  workshops don’t you think? All over town it seems that people have been either running them or attending them. This idea of skilling up and making stuff is right up the cloth street. And what with our new corner shop with all these big windows looking out to busy old william street it feels like we are in a perfect position to host them.

The City of Sydney and their green villages workshops have been particularly good. Every couple of months we’ve been host to 30 or so folks, who come along and have a bit of a cloth style experience making things with off cuts and scraps and interesting materials found on the streets. All for free thanks to the vision of our good old Lord Mayor Clover and her team. Our last workshop  for the year with the City is on Dec 1st.






I did a brief stint on TV recently,  doing a mini impromptu upcycling workshop amongst the veggies at the James St community garden in Redfern with laugh-a-minute Mike Whitney. I was teaching him how to upholster a drop in seat amongst other craft and garden based projects. And he wasn’t too bad at it when he concentrated..



Actually, drop in seats are  a good subject matter for workshops. They are do-able for beginners, you can often  find them on the streets or really cheaply in 2nd hand shops. And you can sew small off cuts of fabric together to make the upholstery that much more interesting without costing an arm and a leg.

We’ve been done a few of these workshops at cloth but are handing the baton over next year to our favourite can-do people – Handy Pat and the Kilo sisters. Martine Kilo is the cloth production manager and together with her Mum and sister they have just started  a new business on the side called Home Industry . Check them out on  They are really good. I know because my partner did a class the other saturday and she came home stoked. You even get fed home made cake. True story.


I recently made friends with the good folk at  Creative Women’s Circle. Mostly based in Melbourne this fab organisation had their first meeting in Sydney a couple of weeks ago. I was invited to be their 1st guest speaker and decided to get them working whilst I was talking. In preparation for our craftathon on November 21st hosted by Google+  I got the women doing a bit of spontaneous finger knitting. I assumed everyone knew how to do this but they didnt! So I showed them. Easy.


And now we have bundles of knitted chain stitch ready to recloth our trees outside the shop. These poor trees are all looking very naked at the moment, ever since some sad person cut down all that lovely yarn bombing we did a couple of months ago. If you would like to help out get finger knitting too. Its easy, honest


And last month we finally started running a new series of workshops to really small groups after work in the shop. One is a hand sewing workshop, based purely on the creative process, called Lucky Dip, where everything you need for the class is all found in one paper bag. And the other, called Lovely Home is where we focus on helping making your home look good under the expert direction of Kate Connors, our in-house interior designer. Both workshops are fun, relaxed evenings where people leave feeling inspired, confident and full of ideas. And if you fancy having a go, we have now just worked out a few dates for early next year.



Our final workshop for the year is the rather timely and coincidentally festive String and Scraps workshop on Nov 29th.We will be making bunting, pom poms and garlands without the help of glitter or tinsel but with the aid of a glass of bubbly and a slice of cake. Looking forward to it!



See you here, maybe, hopefully. Go on, you know you want to.