What’s been happening up the Hawksbury


Julie’s touring exhibition, Cloth: Seeds to Bloom, is currently on at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery. She loved her stint as Artist in Residence there. People rolled up – some shyly quietly, some eager to get their hands dirty – and Julie couldn’t resist the opportunity to indulge in a bit of impromptu drawing and printing with them. We wanted to share just one heart-warming story with you from Julie’s residency.

Nigel had popped up from the library downstairs, just to rest his screen-weary eyes when saw the open studio. He reckoned he had about ten minutes to kill, while he waited for a client to call him back. He’d never drawn before really, but he thought he’d have a go. Why not? That’s how we all start.

He was tentative at first, like everyone is, and Julie started him off drawing loosely with big ink blots. Nigel got into it. His phone burred in his pocket as he drew some seed pods. He relaxed into the process, stayed the whole day and produced good work. This is a blurry soft focus shot of Nigel. Just goes to show, making things makes us happy.

soft focus nigel

Nigel came back the next day and finished his piece. It’s based on the paddlepop-like stamen of the grass tree. You can see here the process – from first drawing through to the stencil and the final print – a repeat of many cheerful greens. Julie calls it ‘Wood for the trees.’

wallof work

All this spontaneous teaching has played a big part in shaping Julie’s newest venture – her LookDrawPrint Imperfect Workshop for the Creatively Curious. She’s running one at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery on November 22 – that’s already full up – but if you are keen to do one, email Julie. There’s a good chance the Gallery might be able to run another one. Wouldn’t that be good?