We are in and we are open!

We are in our new home!

We are unwrapped, out of the box, settled in and it only took 5 days.

On the Friday Martine had the girls on a tight schedule packing and wrapping and boxing and labelling as I looked on in dismay. I couldn’t help much because of my bad hand. I’d cut the tendon the week before not looking where I was going, outside in the dark up in the mountains staring up at the stars with a glass of wine in my hand. Bloody typical.

Over the weekend with no complaints and little help from me, the girls continued to work tirelessly and bang on 8 am Monday morning Raphael and his crew turned up to move us across town. By Tuesday we were completely in – still in boxes and plastic but we were there.

Hello Darlinghurst, we are now in your ‘hood.

The hardest has been working out where everything goes. This new shop is quite different from our old one. Being an ex-car showroom, half of our wall space is floor to ceiling triple glazed windows and another is taken up being a roller door, so wall space is at a minimum. I guess they didn’t need so many walls when showing off the Ferrari’s.

And then there’s the crazy carpet! I’d delighted in laying this 140sq mtr patchwork of recycled office carpet tiles earlier in the month, one by one by myself like an art installation. But it’s all looking a bit too jazzy now.The floor seems to be fighting with the fabric – something has to give. So we replaced some of the brighter tiles for more neutral ones, got a new batch of furniture delivered and are the girls have been  placing them all in different configurations, working the room.

I have to say, I do like the challenge of making everything all hang together, taking our time, getting the stories right.

It’s going to take a while but we will get there…lets call it a work in progress.

And so our 1st week in, we’ve set up a new shop, met lots of very enthusiastic locals and found our favourite coffee shop already.

It’s been a good week folks.

And thanks girls, I couldn’t have done it without you.

cheers, see you at the new digs.