Stuffed Olives 6023

Burnt on Raw

$198.00 RRP by the metre

Red rust and bone with splash of rich brown printed on heavyweight raw unbleached hemp. We all love this one.

It started off as a quick experiment on the print table in 1998 playing with simple composition and colour placement. Surprisingly versatile for its size, Stuffed Olives has been since used for making hats to bed spreads, from rugs to trousers. And of course it makes super upholstery fabric.

A bit of Boardwalk works well in combination with Olives, we often add it to the side walls of a chair.

Ideal For
General Upholstery
Light Upholstery
Soft Furnishings

ColourwayBurnt on Raw
Vertical Repeat53cm
Printed Width145cm


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