Stoney Quink

Quink on Oyster

$174.00 RRP by the metre

Blue Print is our newly coloured collection of old favourites.

Julie translated her many sketches of waterholes, dams, tracks and creeks, drawn quickly when looking out the window of a place whilst flying interstate.

Stoney refers to the irregular shapes and surfaces seen in the NSW hinterland from a distance, pared down to its essence. Bar stripe is one stripe to fit all, or at least most. Not too thin, not too fat and in a bit of a classic. Two Up are waterholes, taken from Julie’s sketch book from years ago.

Together - this mix of big and small scale prints in freshly coloured blues are reminders of the our beautiful waterfalls and waterways in all of their hues.
We love to mix and match.

Ideal For
General Upholstery
Light Upholstery
Soft Furnishings

CodeStoney Quink
ColourwayQuink on Oyster
Vertical Repeat70cm
Printed Width135cm


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