julieJulie Paterson is the founder of Cloth. She is the artist, designer and lady chief person. This whole thing was her idea and she knows she couldn’t do it without her team behind her. She believes the secret to success is a good strong cup of tea in the afternoon. She prefers cycling to work but usually takes the bus. She is fond of old ladies, small hairy dogs and her 50 year old caravan called Meg.


martineMartine Kilo is our manager in general. She really likes things to be on time. She is noisy, dynamic and laughs a lot. She likes beagles and can do more than one thing at once. She has stop the traffic red hair and she says what she means. She inherited her can-do approach from her Mum (who we call Handy Pat) who could single handedly build you a new kitchen from scratch then make a batch of cumquat jam, all done and dusted before dark. Truly.


kateKate Connors oversees our retail department, our interior design service and our website. She is very organised and versatile. She often wears her long curly hair up in a bun but  sometimes irons it dead straight. She loves a mood board, has three different design degrees and refuses point blank to wear an apron.



hilaryHilary Knox is all round clever. A modest artist who likes to paint portraits of her Granddad and who is a bit of a fitness buff. She is an obsessive list maker too, which is handy because she’s in charge of getting things out on time. She organises our deliveries, our orders, our stock and our website. She paces herself. A trick, no doubt developed from all that sport. And she is good at maths. Really truly.



trudieTrudie Hood is our newest recruit. She just turned up one day in the shop with the brightest eyes you’ve ever seen looking all healthy and relaxed. She comes from the UK and used to work at Marks and Spencer when she was 19 . She knows a thing or two about shops so we’ve put her in charge of ours. She swims miles every morning before work and rides a Vespa home. No wonder her eyes shine.




Karla Hansford is our financial department who has a penchant for information. Her grammar is impeccable, her hearing sharp. She’s a very smart lady who always has the answer and who may, one day, write a book. She loves a spot of crochet in her down time and we think she’s a bit of a legend. Yes indeed.