Our weekend craft project

At the weekend we did some knitting. And we sewed it all over the trees outside the shop. There were at least 3 people called Margaret turn up as well as Harper, Coco, Robbie, Marie, a man who looked like a man from a Ben Sherman ad, Panda and her Mum, Tara, Trudy, Jenny, Sarah and Spike and her three tall boyfriends, and many others. Thank you for coming along people, it was a heart warming experience to see what was a rather grey and ordinary courtyard turn into something of bright and woollen beauty before my very eyes.

This cloth craft corner is still very much a work in progress but the foundations have now been laid. The locals love it, the tourists are photographing it and the City council seem rather amused and quite relaxed about it. Phew!

I have big plans for fake grass and real plants. For a book depository too. Second hand chairs and tables with umbrellas, a home made ice cream cart in the summer maybe. An out door cinema Р who knows?

If you have a spare bit of knitting or crochet or bunting hanging around at home come on over and add to what we have already started – there are so many more trunks to cover and we haven’t even started on the bike racks yet, so feel free, anytime. I would love that.

Also, if you are in the ‘hood on Wednesday (29th) at 6pm come and celebrate with us as we launch our shop opening with the Lord Mayor.