Nearly Summer

Oh lordy time has galloped on by this year. One minute we were moving in to our new lovely shop and the next minute it’s the run down to Christmas. How can that be, people?

It’s been two months almost since I blogged last and  I’m embarrassed. Sorry those of you who may have been wondering…

So  anyway lets push through and talk about whats been happening this week –  I’ll fill you in on the rest later.

So here we are with some nice shots of my  home and studio in the Mountains. Today and last week I’ve been entertaining two groups of photographers and stylists doing their thing at my place. One visit was for a magazine and the other a newspaper.

These visits have been on the cards for a while. Originally the idea was to capture some winter snow fall.  The snow  came and it went all in a bit of a flurry. Either it was too light so it didnt last or else it was too heavy ( like 3 weeks ago) and the roads were closed off.

So we gave up on winter and now, suddenly, it’s deepest spring. The weather has been very kind, the garden has turned bountiful and the house light filled and lovely looking.

So following are a few snaps of my little fibro mountains shack, its garden and studio taken today and last tuesday as I was preparing for the professionals to arrive.





living room with wombat chair


Is that Mr Jason Grant I see instagramming in my studio?


new unfinished bottle paintings on my table



more mug and bottle screenprints on the table




I promise it won’t take so long for the next instalment.

x Julie