My Australiana Summer

I went all Australiana over the holidays.

I ‘d say it was to do with Mum and Dad being over on holidays from the UK.

We went away for a week down to Batemans Bay. I wanted them to have meaningful souvenirs to take back home so I drew the view on bits of cardboard and painted on pebbles and driftwood from the beach.







Back in Sydney we continued on with the tourist theme for a few more weeks. We even went one of those gaudy red hop on hop off buses for a day. And we were one of the last groups to ride the now retired scenic railway in Katoomba.  It was a lot of fun, we learnt some history and I was reminded how much I like the place I’ve been living in now for nearly 24 years..




When it came to buying  gifts to send back home to my sister, my partner Amanda suggested a boxed set of Splayds – the well considered, practical, hybrid of the fork, knife and spoon. Genius I thought.



The iconic Splayd was designed in the 1940’s by a bloke called Bill who lived in Potts Point just up the road from my new shop and best of all, they are still in production. Amanda has been mad for them for a long time.



As well as a committed splayd user she has a soft spot for the souvenir spoon – to date I think she has over 30, all of local views and all in regular use.



A few weeks before the parents arrived  we’d  had a modest kitchen renovation done  in our little fibro mountains house. There were many offcuts of ikea shelves and bits of old 70’s cupboard doors lying around. And in the process of creating a new kitchen the full extent of Amanda’s australiana  collecting habits was revealed. She’s got a lot of stuff…

So once we waved goodbye to Mum and Dad  I went into the kitchen and started sketching.

The working title is From my girlfriend’s kitchen.  So far I’ve produced  a small series of screen prints using the left over wood and featuring the  Splayds and spoons and also some of her favourite and very understated stackable 1970’s Japanese coffee mugs.






There is a lot more to come on this theme I can feel it….infact I can see it. There is so much material I can draw from, literally just sitting on the new shelves. Amanda, I thank you and your obsessive op-shop habits. This is going to be fun.

If you’d like  to see more of of my australiana/souvenir obsession as it unfolds, (with a few holiday snaps thrown in from time to time), then you can follow my instagram feed @clothjulie. And of course all this work will shortly be up for sale on our online shop – it’s literally all packed up in my car ready to go. I just need to drive down back down into town and get it online.

So stay tuned….or  you can always let us know by email if you can’t wait that long.

Oh and see you later  Mum and Dad, it was a great trip.



julie xx