Moving On

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Cloth is moving on and it feels sad and exciting all at once. These are our last few days in Darlinghurst. The end of an era really.

I love this little business I’ve created and the loyal team that has helped me. I am very proud of what we’ve achieved. But I’ve known I wanted to do things quite a bit differently for a long while now.

Why is that, you might be wondering? Well,  it’s all about time and space.

It’s been quite hard the past few years, I have to say. There’s just not been enough time for me and my staff to run Cloth the way we want to, so that we all get to do more of the things we are good at. Doing fewer things, but doing them better. And it’s also about my turning 50 and writing a book and knowing deep down that to keep energised and fresh and wholehearted, I need to work slower and smarter. We all do. It’s a sign of the times.

So I’ve decided I will be stepping back from the day-to-day running and let other people who do it better, do it for me. So in the true spirit of collaboration Cloth will be teaming up with the lovely chaps from Ascraft, David and John. Ascraft is a small Sydney based fabric company who distribute beautiful fabric and wallpaper. They’ve been in the business for 14 years.

In fact back in 1996, when it was owned by a good man called Keith, Ascraft helped us find our feet with the interior design market by hosting a  preview of our first collection, Seeds. Ascraft has been in our lives for years so this whole renewal for Cloth is one of those cyclic things coming round again that I love so much.

It will work like this. David and John (who bought the business from Keith) and their staff, and Martine and Kate and Angie, our intern, will all be working together as a team selling Cloth in Sydney and in Melbourne. And I’ll be mostly up in the mountains making the work that feeds the beast.

The things that will stay the same

Our fabric and products, the way they are made and who they are made with will all stay the same. Our phone number and emails and our website too.  I will still own the business and Martine and Kate will still be around.

The things that will change in a sad way

Trudie and Isabelle and Di, three of my lovely and dear staff will go. I am truly sad about this. The irony is that right now we have the best little team going. I will be sorry to see them go. Karla will be moving on but not gone, just remote.

The things that will change in a good way

Cloth will move premises to the Ascraft showrooms. Head office is still in Sydney with Melbourne too. Our service to the trade industry will be better because Martine is getting help with all the designers and architects that she has been single handedly serving lately. This is a relief.

Our William Street retail shop will close. We will open a Cloth Pod in both the Ascraft showrooms. The Cloth Pod is our retail shop condensed to the essentials. You’ll see all our fabric collections and the best of what we do made up into our favourite products with great service attached to the whole thing which is all attached to our website. This means it’s easier to manage interstate and more people get to touch and feel and experience face to face what we do in all its glory.

And the plan is also, from time to time, that I do a little Cloth and friends pop up special but not quite yet.

First of all I’ve got a book to write and a new collection to design.

So see you here, there or somewhere else not too far away in a future rich and full, well paced and whole hearted.


X Julie

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