Mothers day sewn up


Aprons are made to do things in and keep you clean all the while. They protect things and hide things. They are practical, homey, potentially a tiny bit saucy. We love them.



Men and women wear aprons. These aprons are the ones that a woman might wear. You could buy your mum one. The meaning behind buying your mum an apron on Mothers Day would boil down to ‘here is a lovely hand made apron that is a practical and attractive gift for you to wear at home when you are relaxing or doing things that are not chores or anything like that.’






Anecdotal evidence suggests that cooking your favourite recipe is six times more pleasurable when you are wearing an apron of this calibre. We believe it to be true.



Alternatively we also have some other lovely things in store your mum might like.

She could very well fancy one of the spoon and splayd artworks from Julie’s From my girlfriend’s kitchen series. These put the kitsch back in to kitchen.




Or maybe she’d prefer the gorgeous organic forms of Kathrine Mahoney’s clay. Evergreen loveliness, just like mum.



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