Its been a busy old week on William street

Man I’ve been busy this week. Less than 5 days to go before the big launch day and I’ve taken on the task of getting the outside courtyard looking a bit cloth-ish.

Ever since we moved in I’ve been eyeing off the RTA box that sits just outside our window. Big and battered, grey and rusty it was ripe for a make over.

So I took charge and boldly painted the thing without really asking any one..I know that’s a wee bit naughty, but you have to agree it is an improvement. Any way that’s my argument is any one asks…

Then I put a call out for any one interested in doing some knitting or bunting-making or crochet or pom pom crafting. And all week some lovely folk have been making stuff for me. We will all come together this Saturday (25TH) for a craftathon to stitch up the trees, the lamp posts the bike rack and pretty much any thing else that doesn’t move. I want this courtyard looking festive people!

I’m a bit excited about this – never really done anything guerilla-style before. Feels very public – very out in the open. I like this idea and its also a great way to get to know the neighbours. Darlinghurst really does have a lovely neighbourly quality to it. This sense of community has taken me by surprise. Its great  – already I’m feeling very at home here and its only been a month!

Jenny Ho our very handy and crafty work experience student from COFA got the craft ball rolling for me by lacing some crochet on one of the trees. Following up smartly with a fab flurry of pom pom making. All this before lunch time too. She is a trouper, that one.

And then today I began to write some words. I like writing words, I have many of them in my head and so I wrote my imperfect manifesto on the front door of the shop.

A manifesto is something I have wanted to write for a long long time and so about a month ago I jotted down some stuff in my sketch book then crafted it into something of meaning with the expert help of Amanda, my lovely and endlessly patient wordsmith partner. Together we worked on these words over a long lunch and a glass of wine on a slow sunday afternoon in the sunshine outside my studio up in the Blue Mountains. Lovely.

So if you fancy a bit of crafting this Saturday come on over to cloth 11 – 4, we’re on the corner of William and Palmer St, just look out for the spotty red RTA box.

Have a look on our Facebook page, join the event, join the conversation and join in!

Julie x