Five workshops and a podcast

Julie is limbering up for what’s starting to feel like workshop season.  Julie’s LookDrawPrint imperfect workshop for the creatively curious is her response to many years of listening to her wistful customers saying ‘I wish I was creative, but I’m not.’ Julie’s Imperfect Manifesto begins with a firm riposte – ‘Everyone is born creative and every day is an opportunity to perform a new creative act.’  These words are good and true, but it’s the workshops that really convince people, even the most deeply stuck.

In her LookDrawPrint workshops, Julie guides you through her process, showing you how to slow down and quieten the critical voices in your head, how to get playful and enjoy being in a state of flow.




These workshops are a strange kind of alchemy. By teaching you how to focus on process rather than product, Julie guides you to create a design that’s beautiful and uniquely yours. You can see lots of images of the quality work produced and her happy alumni on Instagram or facebook at #lookdrawprint.

If this sounds up your alley, now’s the time to book. Julie’s got workshops coming up in Sydney at Koskela and North Sydney Community Centre, up in Brisbane at Ministry of Handmade, out west at Tamworth Regional Gallery and back home in the Blue Mountains at the Cultural Centre in Katoomba. More details below.




And we promised you a podcast. Early in the year Julie was one of many talented speakers at the Creative Women in Conversation event at North Sydney Community Centre. Tanya Buchanan, editor of Belle Magazine, has a chat about happenstance and imperfection with Julie and Karen McCartney, who had just released her newish book Perfect Imperfect. There’s a teary moment or two, and lots of love in the room. If you fancy having a listen, click here.