Designex here we come

This is a big week for us, but the story starts way back in my backyard in the Blue Mountains. Up there on crisp autumn days, drawing and painting and doodling and without quite knowing I’d done it, suddenly there was a new collection inspired by the trees, and the whole thing kept snowballing from there. Serendipity, I reckon, what with my job of being an ambassador for the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.             So then I’m encouraging my clay collaborator Katherine Mahoney to gather some native sticks and leaves from her garden so she can make impressions of these in the clay. Together we developed the ceramics to sit with the textiles and it’s all very simpatico, and just then Penny Hanan from 1803 comes in and soon after I’m printing on the beautiful deer hides from her family farm in Orange. The clay looks right at home on those hides and so we did some leather placemats for your dining table too, because sometimes a placemat is exactly what you need.         It’s been great and stimulating and wild to do all this creative work. Now we are ready for Designex in Melbourne, but so very close to the wire. Ok so, not everything got done. We wanted to be ready with our new branding and a new brochure and the wizzbang new website. But hey, when your creed is the imperfect manifesto you understand that sometimes it’s good to wait. These good things will come in time and you can rely on us to tell you when.     Meanwhile the women of cloth are heading down to set up for Designex. Our stand is going to be a cracker, and it’s right by the champagne bar. We hope our industry friends will stop by and visit. Cheers. Julie.