The great Ikea deckchair hack

We have a new range of outdoor fabric that is ready to roll. It’s called Outside In and we have been chatting about it for a little while now, it’s true. There are a number of particularly good and unique things about this fabric range – one of them is that it is for the outside, which means it is waterproof and UV proof ( a first for us) the other thing it is woven (again a first – and woven in Sydney too, no less) and the other exciting point – and the thing that Julie loves the most – is that it is reversible.  The reverse side has the negative pattern to the other side which makes for great coordination opportunities. Pattern on pattern, negative/positive style. Lovely. Perfect for something like…. a pair of deck chairs.


Deckchairs traditionally come in stripes. So naturally Julie avoided that option and chose to work just with Spotcheck instead. And rather than re-invent the whole deckchair making from scratch she discovered a nice simple wooden deckchair in her local Ikea which had this excellent removable sling arrangement using a simple dowel-in-a-pocket construction. So she sampled her new fabric as a replacement sling and got very excited about the result.

And now just this week she has created a range of 10 slings to choose from, making them up to order.

The fabric options are Spot 5D (black ground grey spots)  Spot 5L (grey ground black spots) Spot 4D (red ground grey spots)  Spot 4L (grey ground red spots) Spot 2D (black ground peacock spots) Spot 2L (peacock ground black spots) Spot 8D (navy ground white spots) Spot 8L (white spots navy ground) Spot 1D (teal ground white spots) and Spot 1L (white ground teal spots).

Black:grey Spot 5DGrey:black Spot 5L Red:grey Spot4D Grey:red spot 4L black:peacock spot 2D peacock:black spot 2Lnavy:white spot 8D White:navy spot 8LTeal:white Spot 1DWhite:teal spot 1L

Go to Ikea yourself (the deck chairs are called Mysingo’s in Ikea speak) and buy your own. They cost about $40. Then you order just the Outside In sling and put it together yourself. Or alternatively you can buy the whole thing already done for you.

Either way you order direct from Julie.

The price for each sling on its own is $88 and the price for the sling and deckchair already assembled is $155.

The tricky thing in this arrangement is that no one knows how long Ikea will make the deckchairs for (remember those plywood Benjamin stools from a few years ago? Julie was hacking them for a while – screen printing lovely patterns on them – but Ikea suddenly stopped making them and so did she, sadly.)

So don’t dally people, email [email protected] to place your order. If you’re quick it will come before Christmas.

And go to to find out more of what she does.