Colour and movement on william st

If you’ve been following me on instagram this past few weeks you might well know that we are preparing for a big move to Darlinghurst soon.

It’s in a rather prime location too – the old Ferrari showroom on the corner of William and Palmer st. Darlinghurst.



Yes, Ferrari. This showroom is well known for having sold those big red ridiculous show off cars for many years. The contrast could not be greater, the irony any sweeter for a shiny high end car showroom to now become a modest, matt finish cloth shop, with all our mismatched bits and pieces, our off cuts and recycling and sewing by hand. I love the juxtaposition of them and us, the chalk and cheese-ness. Perfect, makes me smile every time.

The building is owned by the city of Sydney council and they are being very progressive allowing me to move in, to create some ‘colour and movement’  into the street as Clover Moore, our lovely mayor was quoted to request.


Firstly, I hand painted the signage myself in a rather wobbly fashion  hand done fashion just because I’ve always wanted to do a bit of sign writing.


Then I started painting what I could see outside the window onto the glass. I’m planning on wrapping the painting right around all the windows over time and if you stand at the pedestrian crossings for a moment I might paint you in.



And then there’s the floor. 140sq mtres of hard noisy stone slabs have been slowly getting overlaid with upcycled carpet tiles, kindly donated by Interface Flooring. No choice in what colour or pattern came my way – these mix and match tiles have been recycled from various office refurbs around the city. I had to make do with what I got, so originally the plan was to screen print over them as I had done for a previous Interface project last year but I decided they looked really good just laid down together in the rather serendipitous order that they they came out of the boxes..


Some areas even look a bit Mondrian.


We start to move in early July and I am really enjoying this creative prep work, bringing some colour and movement onto William St for Clover.

See you there soon

Julie x