Change is Good

banksia chair

Change is an amazing thing really. The hardest bit is knowing exactly what you want. But once you know and can make clear strong decisions  then all these other good things come about as a result.

Whilst change has been in full flow it has been too hard to write about, but now things are just beginning to settle and take some shape, I have a chance to explain..

feeler pieces

I made the decision at the beginning of the year to change my life around. I wanted more time to do the things I am good at that make my heart sing. It made sense to me to hand over the day to day running of the business to people I trusted and to spend more time designing fabric making art and writing about it all.

In June we moved out of the shop, closed HQ and joined forces with Ascraft.

rolling machine

It’s true that it’s taken us a fair while to settle in. I underestimated just how much there was to sort out. And the rolling and the counting of the fabric was only the start of it.


But we got through it and have been up and running, in Sydney at least, for the past couple of weeks now.

Cloth at Ascraft Sydney, as we call it, is headed up by Martine, ably supported by four of the Ascraft team – David and John, Cathy and Virginia. Cloth at Ascraft Melbourne is our next focus and we reckon that retail showroom will be all sorted by the end of this month.

warehouse corner

And so finally with the pressure of the day to day stuff now off my shoulders, I’ve managed to set up a new little studio in a sunny corner of the Ascraft warehouse, just up the road from the showroom.  Nestled in amongst the rolls of fabric and the old rolling machines, I’ve started on the next collection of fabrics and it’s all starting to feel really really good.