Cloth is a textile company based in Sydney, established in 1995 by Julie Paterson.
We design and make contemporary furnishing fabric for the home and commercial interiors.
The majority of our work is created by hand as flat bed screen printed yardage fabric using short batch production processes and natural basecloths. Some of our designs are woven by machines. All of our fabric is made in Australia.

The woman behind it all

Julie Paterson is an artist and designer and the sole owner of Cloth. In 1995 she had a simple idea that has beaten at the heart of her company ever since: to make contemporary and natural furnishing fabric by hand, locally and sustainably.

Her textiles come from her art practice and her art is inspired by the strength and diversity of the Australian landscape.

“ I like my work to always tell a story of sorts, evoking a perspective that comes directly from my life and the places I’ve been. I want these stories to enrich the designs with a layer of meaning beyond the fabric itself and I want people to engage with these stories. My art seeks out that narrative to build on so my work can reflect a place, a time or a feeling. The story is so important because it gives context and authenticity.”

These days Julie spends an increasing amount of time in the Blue Mountains making things in her shed and writing in her caravan.

She wrote the Imperfect Manifesto one slow and relaxed Sunday afternoon and it has now become the guiding principle for her life and business.

And more recently she wrote ClothBound. A story that documents and illustrates the ebb and flow of her creative processes and the philosophy behind her work.

When she’s not drawing or painting she loves nothing more than sitting quietly by the bonfire with her dog listening to the birds and watching the sky change colour from golden red to violet to deepest dark blue as the sun disappears behind the trees.